Every Door Direct Mail

Answered: Is Every Door Direct Mail Worth It?

Usually, people know several standard options for delivering a message to a target audience – sending it online to an email box and direct delivery to a centralized post office. They work great and fulfill all their functions, but there are several points where EDDM services (i.e., delivery right to the door) outperform them. 

For example, they are better than sending a simple email since, in 2021, people do not use mail very often, and if they do use it all the time, they only read and view work correspondence. And sending to the post office close to home is a disgusting decision at a time when the pandemic is still atrocious in many geographic locations. Plus, not everyone has enough time to go to the post office during office hours.

Are you interested? Then let’s figure out the features of this delivery system together so that you know about all the pitfalls and not be afraid.

What does EDDM mean?

It should be said right away that this is a service that companies use to ensure that their targeted advertising finds its audience by a variety of parameters. For example, they will consider the age of the audience and its financial and social status when searching for your potential clients.

How does EDDM work?

This possibility is supported by the fact that companies providing such service use the base of mail routes of common carriers and lists of people living in this area. So they can go around entire areas without wasting advertising materials but delivering them only to potential customers.

What are the conditions and features of EDDM?

When working with this technique, one of the most characteristic features is that you cannot send a client anything more voluminous and weighty than a postcard, flyer, or leaflet. Why only this way? The fact is that the existing weight limit prohibits the sending of products weighing a little more than three ounces (for each person) in this way.

This may seem like a critical flaw to you, but remember that you can use any advertising creatively and effectively. Even postcards can be formidable weapons in the marketing battle.

How much does EDDM cost?

Firstly, it is worth making a reservation that the cost of the service largely depends on how much customer coverage you are going to attract, that is, how many leaflets you need to deliver.

According to the US Postal Service, the standard EDDM mailing rate will range from just over $ 0.15 to $ 0.22 per leaflet. EDDM cost per piece is not that high. And if you know some tricks, it will cost you even less. In what cases the price will be reduced for you:

 1) For large volumes of handouts.

It is also worth it because the wholesale price rule works even here. This means that those firms that immediately order the sending of a huge amount of advertising pay much less per item than those who order a couple of tens or hundreds of units.

 2) No more than five thousand shipments per day

A rule implies a separate fee and the need for permission to send more than 5 thousand leaflets by mail. Do not exceed this figure. Since then, you will also have to pay extra money for retail trade.