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Do Psilocybin Mushrooms Work Best On An Empty Stomach?

With an understanding of how drugs work, you may want to consider how best to use magic mushrooms. Most likely, you will almost immediately be interested in the question of whether eating before shrooms is a good idea or it is better to keep your stomach empty.

So, for several reasons, we can argue that you will be greatly mistaken if you have a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner before starting the trip. If you wonder what is wrong with the interaction of everyday food and mushrooms containing a psychoactive substance, read on!

Why are shrooms on a full stomach a terrible idea?

Firstly, mythological scientists do not recommend eating fresh fruiting bodies of any fungi because these plants traditionally absorb all harmful pathogens and toxins from the environment. This alone can lead to severe allergies and damage to red blood cells. In addition, mushrooms’ upset stomachs also often occur when the plants are taken raw.

Secondly, in a nutshell, it’s all about the critical level of nausea that occurs when using a hallucinogen. According to a 2017 study, when eating magical plants, every person, without exception, experiences unpleasant sensations. The only difference is that depending on the state of health in general and the gastrointestinal tract in particular, the user will feel mild to moderate nausea and may not even be able to restrain vomiting.

Why does it happen?

A key ingredient that causes visual effects, confusion, and lack of ego, psilocybin, also affects digestion badly. However, this is not surprising because the trip itself is a consequence of the poisoning of the body. We cannot remove the unpleasant property of a psychoactive substance in any way. However, there are ways to help with nausea. One of them is the shrooms on empty stomach technique.

How to reduce the adverse effects of psilocybin on the stomach?

You’ve already seen the reason why eating before taking shrooms is not the best decision in your life. The time has come to find options for a way out of a deplorable situation. So it would help if you did the following:

  • Observe the fast before starting the trip;

Fear not. You do not need to fast for weeks before taking. In truth, though, the preparation process involves following a specific diet.

But it is in a state of hunger that you will need to stay only for a day before the trip start. If this is absolute torture for you, then try to eat some vegetables and fruits. But all other products are entirely excluded.

  • Try capsules;

This is a good option, as you do not have to torment your receptors in the mouth with the disgusting taste of mushrooms reminiscent of dirt and dust.

In addition, a powder mushroom mixture will be hidden under the capsule shell, which does not irritate the stomach so much.

So you will reduce the risk of deteriorating well-being.

  • Calculate your dose;

Small amounts won’t give you the effect you might want, but you won’t feel sick either. The ideal use looks like taking a microdose or a little more for the first time.

  • Tune in to the right mood;

If you only feel mild nausea right from the start of the trip, then everything should go smoothly. However, your brain from such stress can impose on you that you are hot, uncomfortable, lonely, and severely nauseous. In such circumstances, it is worth leaving the room where you were and going for a walk in a quiet and beautiful place.

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