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What to Do After A Car Accident | Checklist

Unfortunately, statistics show that road accidents are widespread. Even though the driver knows the rules and passes a driving test, he is obliged to confirm his suitability for driving more than once. Circumstances may arise along the way that is beyond our control. But this does not mean that you should sit back. Remember that although you cannot fix anything, in any case, you can reduce the number of negative consequences in yours. Sooner or later, each motorist may get into an unforeseen situation, so the procedure for an accident must be known by heart, like a multiplication plate.

What to do immediately after a car accident? 

Do not panic. One way or another, the situation has already happened, so it’s worth finding the right way out. For a start, it is worth calling the police officers. If there are casualties in the accident, call an ambulance. Try first aid to the person before the ambulance arrived.

Look closely at the scene of the accident and ask witnesses to help. Upon the arrival of the road inspection officers, the witnesses were assisted by the testimony immediately, which would speed up the proceedings. All data about the incident and its participants must be entered into the protocol: the first and last names, phone numbers, addresses of the incident scene, brands of vehicles, cars license plates, and personal vehicle insurance contract.

Each car owner should have an insurance policy to cover the costs needed to fix the car. Make sure that the traffic policemen recorded all damages and did not miss anything. It is on this that the amount of insurance payment will depend. 

Under no circumstances should you move your own or someone else’s vehicle to hide the details of a traffic accident. If you need to transport the car to a new location safely, it is best to call a tow truck according to the protocol. After an accident, it is better not to use it immediately and get tested by specialists.

What to do after a car accident, not your fault? 

Make sure that the second participant in the accident does not try to hide the evidence of the crime before the police arrive. 

Feel free to use your camera. When it is difficult to find witnesses, tapes can play a key role.

What to do after a minor car accident? 

After stopping, immediately turn on the emergency gang. Then you need to get out of the car and inspect it. There must be no fuel leak that could lead to a fire. Next, you need to put up an emergency stop sign. For the city, it should be 15 meters from the accident site, outside the city limits – 30 meters. If there is no sign, drivers sometimes use improvised means. For example, bottles with washer fluid, fire extinguishers, in the dark, place hand lamps next to improvisational structures in a blinking mode.

 All this will help avoid the situation when other motorists crash into the accident incidents, who did not notice the accident in time.