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How To Print Signs That Work: 5 Design Guidelines

Let me guess, you want print large signs to attract new customers but don’t know how to style them? Continue reading and everything will become clear to you!

Let’s make a reservation right away that your question is quite rational. If you have never been involved in marketing and did not make any business cards, banners or signs, then it will be difficult for you to avoid typical beginner mistakes.

Design is always the face of the store and the company. Directional signs are hands that nudge customers into your arms. At the moment, with the development of online technologies, it began to seem that offline registration is no longer so important for customers. But that is far from it. Especially if you are a small business owner where personal presence is more important to the buyer, then you need to know in advance how to print signs.
That is why we, together with our friends who are involved in aluminum signs printing in San Francisco, have compiled five recommendations for you on a design solution for a sign.

A large advertising product catches the attention of people passing by, and if everything is done well enough, they will definitely come to you. At first glance, glowing electrical signs are more attractive than printed signs, but you need to consider aspects such as high cost, high energy consumption, difficult maintenance, etc.
Let’s take a closer look at some tips on how to create an effective directional sign:

1) Shorten your message as much as possible

Pointers are not needed in order to read them very carefully and study new stocks, but simply to understand who you are, what you are doing, and it is easy to find you. All this should fit into two or three words.

Pay attention to prohibition signs and symbols around you on the street. Are they really long? No, the “strictly no smoking” message is very simple and straightforward. If such signs were written “smoking in this particular place may be unsafe for you, because …”, then no one would notice them.
If you are on a hard-to-reach basement floor, then instead of explaining to your clients how to get to you, you can simply write “Company name. Basement. Down and right arrow”.

A large amount of text is drowsy and repulsive. You just have to nudge the client in the right direction.

2) Simplicity is the key to success

You don’t have to create complex drawings, so you can print signs and designs, and then they work right. Always rely on examples of road signs, looking at which a person does not see anything superfluous. The main thing is that among the surrounding environment, the pointers should be somewhat different. For example, picture, color, and simplicity.
There is no need to place numerous graphic elements on the sign. It, like other advertising around a person, will create a solid background, merging with other posters and banners.
Then you yourself understand that the use of the pointer will be minimal.

How to simplify your design? Play on the contrast of the chosen colors. It is desirable that the background color be reflective of the standard black and white scale. The font of the text should not be intricate and pretentious, make a better choice in favor of conservative options. Add a simple image.

3) Recognizable images to help

Before you start print large signs, it’s worth thinking about this point.
There are symbols and signs that every person knows. For example, an image of a pedestrian crossing, a dead end sign, etc. One has only to choose an image that is appropriate in meaning.

4) Accompany the client with signs all the way

Before asking where to print signs, you need to figure out where to put them. We advise you not to make one sign and then make buyers feel like they are floating. Otherwise, they may go looking for your company and then go to your competitors, who will literally take him by the hand to their store. You can draw arrows on the floor, on the walls, you can put signs along the entire path. If there are any forks, turns, or descents, then intermediate signs should be installed there.

5) Adapt the sign to the environment

As we said, even if you consider all aspects of the design, your sign may not look good if it merges with the overall design.
The setting decides very strongly whether your sign is noticed or not. For example, if the wall to which you are broadcasting your sign is very variegated and patterned in itself, then the sign should be as simple as possible. Conversely, with a minimalistic background design, the picture should stand out with brightness.
Also, do not forget that lighting also plays a role. Never hang a sign in a dark, poorly lit corner.